Principal Coaches, Rob Kemp and Sally Moore have extensive coaching experience. Rob has worked in commercial operations in UK pharmaceuticals over the last three decades, including sales leadership, training leadership and coaching leadership roles; for the past 13 years Rob has been a dedicated professional coach in many and varied contexts. Holding an MSc in Coaching & Mentoring, with Merit (Sheffield Hallam, 2013) and is currently researching towards a Professional Doctorate in Coaching & Mentoring to complete in 2021 (Oxford Brookes, DCaM).

Sally has two decades of commercial experience in account management, and coaching practice, with commercial and non-commercial roles. After an ILM 5 certification, Sally is currently completing her MA in Coaching with Oxford Brookes (2020).

For larger projects and schemes, Rob and Sally hold a wide network of highly accomplished coaches who share the goal of practicing to the highest professional standards.

EMCC members, subscribing to the Global Code of Coaching Ethics.

Qualified, supervised, insured, and actively engaged in continuous professional development.