Why invest in Purple Patch Coaching?


In a 2019/20 case study - using an un-coached control group - the financial results for those coached generated additional income which paid for coaching within the study period (payback 0.7 years).  The value of the increased revenue of the coached group at year 3 is a 492% return on investment (independently calculated and verified, source data available)


Engage is a validated toolset for measuring mindset and state. Using a cohort of 40+ coachees with six months of coaching, a profound and statistically significant change was achieved in CONFIDENCE, OPENNESS and IMPACT (source data available). Engage is empirically validated, and correlated with performance at work, and particularly change readiness

Net Promoter Score

The NPS is used by businesses and services to understand the ratios of those who are ‘detractors’ (actively advocating against the service), ‘neutrals’, and active ‘promoters'. The average score (as recorded by SurveyMonkey) is 37. In our 2019/20 study of coaching our NPS was 69 . 70 is defined as ‘world class’.  People value and promote our work

In short - People value the coaching experience.  There is demonstrable change in their Confidence, Openness and Impact through coaching. These two elements impact on the financial outcomes they achieve